Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pretty In Pink

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

 Today is my last day here in the Bayou State. As a foodie, I always enjoy my visits here, because of all of the good local cuisine and my cousin's excellent cooking. I hope I haven't done too much damage.  I'm too afraid to get on the scale to see if I've gained, what I call, "The Louisiana 5".

This is Kaylor, my little 11 year old cousin! When I planned my trip to Louisiana, I called her and told her to get an outfit ready, so I could feature her on my blog. I knew she would be super excited since she visits The Serena Sage everyday, and excited she was. She didn't have 1 outfit ready; she had 4! 

My little cousin is only 11 and she's already 5'8''.  She has super long legs, just like her mother, that go on for days; aren't you just envious of them - I know I am! She played her first year of volleyball this year, maybe we have a future Olympian in the making.

Do you see the leopard belt? That was all her idea! She knows how much I'm loving animal print these days.  

Thank you so much for reading!

:: Outfit  ::

Dress: Dillards (similar here)
Jacket: Dillards (similar here)
Bag: Coach
Shoes: Dillards (similar here)
Accessories: Mikimoto earrings, Zales necklace (similar here), Baby G-Shock watch,
headband (similar here), Dillards belt (similar here)

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  1. Nice. So cute. She's learning from you
    k at www.beautystyleandgrowth.blogspot.com

  2. love the pink and lace!


  3. Awww your little cousin is adorable! Love her pink outfit. :)

    xo - Sheila

  4. Beautiful! I love that she already knows to accessorize with that leopard print belt. Are we going to see the other 3 outfits??


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