Monday, February 4, 2013

Beyonce's Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Performance

Beyonce is my favorite singer/performer. When Beyonce's world tour came to Atlanta a few years ago, my husband purchased me tickets to the show. If you have never seen Beyonce perform live, then you must add it to your bucket list. It is beyond amazing how she is able to sing and dance without missing a single note for two hours straight, not mention the numerous costume changes.

I think we can add Beyonce's Super Bowl XLVII performance can go down as one of the best halftime performances. If you missed it last night, you must watch it now HERE!

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  1. She did her thing. I didn't care too much for the rest of Destiny's part, their mic's were down way too low so it was weird.

  2. I thought that was rather strange too. Why have them perform if you don't want us to hear them, lol!

  3. I did miss it last night but saw it this morning. Beyonce rocked it! I envy anyone who can move like that in heels. As for the other two ladies, it was pretty clear they were not supposed to overshadow Beyonce' and they didn't. They were pretty.

  4. She was incredible last night!! I think it was my favorite part of the whole Super Bowl!!


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