Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Moo Business Cards Have Arrived!

I am super excited about my new business cards I ordered from I recently discovered I needed something with my blog and social media information on it to give out when I'm telling people about my blog. It's a little too tacky for my taste writing it down on the back of napkins and old receipts. 

The quality of these cards exceeded my expectations. The paper is thick and they came out exactly as they looked on the screen when I created them. I love that you can use as many images as you want. I ordered 50 matte rounded corner cards and 100 mini cards for my first order. I used about 10 images, but I could have used a different image on each card if I wanted to! In addition, the box they came in can be used as a business card holder. 

Designing this business card was a difficult process for me. I had no idea what information I wanted to include or exclude, as I didn't want the card to look too cluttered. Four drafts later, this was the final product. I also decided to put one of those QR Codes on the back. If you scan it with a smart phone, it will pull up my web convenient! is a little pricier than some of the other printing services, but if you want quality business cards that will look professional and last, this is where to get them! 

So tell me, what do you think? 

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  1. They look great! I had the same cards made up a while back, and people always compliment them! They are so professional and awesome looking!

  2. Oooh Pretty!! Now how can I get one of those...? I practically collect business cards. LOL!

    1. I will put you one in the mail...and I LOVE my clutch!

  3. Love, the cards. We actually met today and you gave me one of the minis. Happy Anniversary! Oh yeah, we have to talk soon about hair girl. ? ; )

  4. Making business cards is somewhat like writing a story. You can't put everything. And I think these are great and totally sassier than napkins and old receipts! Now, you can confidently and properly introduce your website to people you meet. Retta@Turf Signs


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