Friday, December 14, 2012

Pera Palace Hotel Istanbul, Turkey - Part IV

The Pera Palace is such a beautiful hotel, I thought it deserved to have it's own post.  Hotel Pera Palace is a historical and world famous luxury hotel in Istanbul. It was built in 1892 for the purpose of hosting the passengers of the Orient Express and was named after the place it is located. It holds the title of "the oldest European hotel of Turkey".  Agatha Christie was in fact one of the hotel's most ardent visitors.  The "Agatha Christie Room", number 411, is now preserved in her honor.  It is rumored that she wrote Murder on the Orient Express here.

This elevator is still operational; each guest is taken for a ride on this elevator upon checking into their room. There is a more modern elevator located in the lobby for everyday use.

So...while we were behind the rope taking pictures in the elevator - my husband's idea - we got caught!  The bellhop passed by us and stopped right in front of us. I was sure he was going to tell us to we weren't allowed to be behind the rope, but he didn't'. He asked us if we wanted him to take our picture - 


Old air vents used when the hotel didn't have air conditioning and was only two floors.
Tea Room

Agatha Restaurant
The Orient Bar

The Orient Bar Terrace   
Indoor pool in the spa

If you ever visit Istanbul, you must make Pera Palace a stop on your tour. 

Thank you so much for reading!

Read about the rest of our trip here:

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  1. What a stunning and historical place to stay.

  2. Ahhh these pictures are ah-mazing. Would love to see Pera Palace in real life! Stopping by from "Life is a Runway" link up :)

    xo, Setarra

  3. You are stunning and I love your photography. This trip looks so amazing.

  4. So, now I'm just totally stalking, and look through older posts, and dang! This place was GORGEOUS! And that bathtub?? Yes!

  5. What a gorgeous hotel, I would love to visit Turkey!

  6. What a swanky hotel! Even the sheets and the cups! Nice place for photos. Not too crowded. I would luv to visit Turkey. Sounds like an amazing vacation! I was sent here by Jessica Who? and glad I visited your blog! I luv your outfits!


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